IIT Bombay Scholarship 2024: Apply Online, Eligibility & Amount

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IIT Bombay Scholarship has been launched by the Indian Institute of Technology. This scholarship is launched for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This scholarship is providing a great opportunity for students to pursue their higher education. IIT Bombay is providing many scholarships for students. from this scholarship students can make their dreams true.

Today through this article we will provide you with all the information about the IIT Bombay Scholarship such as the process, highlights, objectives, important information, eligibility criteria, important documents etc.  Apart from this, we will also provide you with the process to apply online under the scholarship. If you want to grab all this information then you have to read our article attentively till the end.

IIT Bombay Scholarship 2024

IIT Bombay Scholarship has been launched by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. These Scholarships provide golden opportunities to those students who are outstanding in their academic performance and whose financial condition is not good. The scholarship is provided within the scholarship. Those students who want to carry forward their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees can take advantage of this scholarship. This scholarship will help students to make their careers better for their future. After pursuing their education, students will become successful in life.

IIT Bombay Scholarship is to motivate underprivileged students who are excellent in their academics and want to pursue further education.  But due to the financial crisis, they have to leave college. Because of this, many dropout rates are increasing. There are many scholarship opportunities provided by IIT Bombay. Scholarships support students to be successful in life. From the scholarship, students cancel all basic needs related to their education.

IIT Bombay Scholarship 2023: Apply Online, Eligibility & Amount

Highlights of IIT Bombay Scholarship 2024

The highlight of the scholarship are given below:-

Name of the ScholarshipIIT Bombay Scholarship
Launched byIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay
ObjectiveTo provide financial assistance to poor students
BenefitStudents will be able to pursue their education
Applicable to Students who are good academics and belong to economically backward families.
Annual incomeNot extended more than Rs 5 lakhs. 
Free messaging forSC or ST students
Mode of transferDBT ( direct benefit transfer)
Payment mechanisme-payment mechanism
Form of benefitScholarship amount 
Number of scholarshipVariable 
Amount of benefitVariable 
Covered allowancesCollege fees tuition fee free messaging for SC ST 
Selection procedureOn the basis of academic performance and financial condition 
Mode of applicationOnline 
Official websitewww.iitb.ac.in

Objectives of IIT Bombay Scholarship 2024

The main objective of the IIT Bombay Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to economically weaker students. As we all know nowadays education has become very difficult for those students whose financial condition is not good. There are many students who will study further and they are outstanding in their academics but due to financial issues, they cannot carry on with their education.

 One more objective of IIT Bombay Scholarships is to encourage academically good students who are willing to study further. This scholarship will support them to carry on their education. Due to this scholarship dropout rate will also decrease rapidly. After getting a proper education, students can improve their careers and move toward employment. The more students study, the more our country will progress. The scholarship is giving a lucky chance to the students to make their dreams true.

IIT Bombay Scholarship: Beneficiary Category

The IIT Bombay Scholarship program offers financial assistance to students belonging to various beneficiary categories. These categories include economically weaker sections, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, and persons with disabilities. The scholarship aims to provide equal opportunities to deserving students and support them in pursuing their education at IIT Bombay.

Application Enrollment and Last Dates

The application process for the IIT Bombay Scholarship typically begins in the month of June every year. Interested students can apply online through the official scholarship portal of the institute. The last date for submitting the scholarship application is usually in the month of July. It is important for students to adhere to the specified deadlines to ensure their eligibility for the scholarship.

Selection Procedure

The selection of candidates for the IIT Bombay Scholarship is based on a comprehensive evaluation process. The scholarship committee assesses the applicants’ academic performance, financial need, and other relevant criteria. Shortlisted candidates are then called for an interview or counseling session, where their eligibility and suitability for the scholarship are further evaluated.

Implementation Procedure

Once the selection process is complete, the implementation of the scholarship begins. The selected students are notified about their scholarship status and the amount they will receive. The scholarship amount is disbursed in installments directly to the students’ bank accounts. It is important for the recipients to maintain satisfactory academic progress and adhere to the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

Supervision Body

The IIT Bombay Scholarship program is supervised by a dedicated committee comprising faculty members and administrative staff. This committee ensures the smooth functioning of the scholarship process, from the application stage to the disbursement of funds. The committee also reviews the performance of the scholarship recipients and may take necessary actions in case of any violations or discrepancies.

Key Guidelines

  • Applicants must provide accurate and complete information in the scholarship application.
  • Students must meet the eligibility criteria specified for their respective beneficiary category.
  • It is essential to submit all the required supporting documents along with the application.
  • Applicants should ensure that they have a valid bank account for the scholarship disbursement.
  • Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue receiving the scholarship.
  • Any change in the personal or financial circumstances of the applicant must be promptly reported to the scholarship committee.
  • Recipients of the scholarship are expected to participate in any activities or events organized by the institute to acknowledge their support.
  • Students should refrain from engaging in any behavior that may tarnish the reputation of the institute or the scholarship program.
  • It is the responsibility of the scholarship recipients to utilize the funds for educational purposes only.
  • Any violation of the scholarship guidelines may lead to the termination of the scholarship.

Important Instructions

  • Read the scholarship guidelines carefully before applying.
  • Ensure that all the required documents are readily available.
  • Double-check the accuracy of the information provided in the application.
  • Submit the application well before the deadline to avoid any last-minute technical issues.
  • Keep track of any updates or notifications regarding the scholarship.
  • Seek assistance from the scholarship committee or designated authorities in case of any doubts or queries.
  • Prepare for the interview or counseling session by familiarizing yourself with the scholarship program and your own achievements.
  • Stay updated with the latest news and announcements from IIT Bombay regarding the scholarship.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and approach throughout the scholarship application process.
  • Remember to express gratitude and acknowledge the support received through the scholarship.

Tips and Tricks

  • Start preparing your scholarship application well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.
  • Highlight your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and any other relevant accomplishments in your application.
  • Provide compelling reasons for why you deserve the scholarship and how it will help you in your educational journey.
  • Proofread your application thoroughly to eliminate any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Seek guidance from teachers, mentors, or seniors who have previously received the scholarship.
  • Prepare for the interview or counseling session by practicing common interview questions and articulating your goals and aspirations.
  • Stay motivated and focused on your studies to maintain a strong academic record.
  • Explore additional sources of funding and scholarships to maximize your financial support.
  • Network with other scholarship recipients to gain insights and learn from their experiences.
  • Remember to express gratitude to the scholarship committee and any other individuals involved in the selection process.

General Points to Remember

  • The IIT Bombay Scholarship is a prestigious opportunity that can significantly contribute to your educational journey.
  • Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for your respective beneficiary category.
  • Stay organized and keep track of all the necessary documents and deadlines.
  • Take the scholarship application process seriously and put in your best effort.
  • Be proactive in seeking guidance and assistance whenever required.
  • Remember that the scholarship is not just a financial aid but also a recognition of your potential and achievements.
  • Make the most of the scholarship opportunity by utilizing the funds effectively and focusing on your academic and personal growth.
  • Stay connected with the IIT Bombay community and contribute to its growth and development.
  • Remember to give back to society and support others in their educational pursuits once you have benefited from the scholarship.
  • Embrace the values of hard work, perseverance, and integrity throughout your educational journey and beyond.

List Of Covered Scholarships     

 The list of covered scholarship are given below:-

SJM School of Management PhD Endowment  ScholarshipIIT Monash Scholarship
Eaton Technologies  Private Limited scholarshipSERB Scholarship
Forbes Marshall scholarshipDr Gargi Vishnoi Memorial Scholarship
NBHM  fellowshipDepartment of biotechnology Junior research fellowship
DST inspire  fellowshipIndian Council of Medical Research scholarship

Subsidiary Scholarship Initiatives

The details of each scholarship are given below:-

ScholarshipForm of BenefitBeneficiariesAmount of benefit
SGM School of Management endowment scholarshipA scholarship amount will be provided to eligible studentsStudents who are pursuing PhD can take advantage of the scholarshipRs 28,000 Per month for 2 years and 31,000 Per month based on the assessment of RPC
IITB  Monash scholarshipA scholarship amount will be provided to eligible studentsStudents who are pursuing PhD can take advantage of the scholarship35,000 Per month will be provided
EATON Technologies Private LimitedA scholarship amount will be provided to eligible studentsStudents who are pursuing PhD can take advantage of the scholarshipRs 30,000 Per month  for the first year,  for the next 2 years Rs  35000 per month,
SERB ScholarshipA scholarship amount will be provided to eligible studentsStudents who are pursuing PhD can take advantage of the scholarshipUSD 2000  per month + one-time contingency grant Rs  60000+ onward journey fare 
Forbes MarshallA scholarship amount will be provided to eligible studentStudents who are pursuing M.Tech can take advantage of the scholarshipRs 20000/- per month  and constituency of rupees 15000 during the course
Dr Gargi Vishnoi Memorial ScholarshipA scholarship amount will be provided to eligible studentStudents who are pursuing  M.Tech can take advantage of the scholarshipRs 2000 Per month
NBHM FellowshipA scholarship amount will be provided to eligible studentStudents who are pursuing PhD can take advantage of the scholarshipRs  31000 per month after 2 years rupees 35000 and contingency  Grant rupees 20000 per annum

Scholarship Timelines

The timelines of the scholarship are given below:-

Issuance of office memorandum for scholarshipUpdated Soon
Opening of scholarship portalUpdated Soon
Closing of scholarship portalUpdated Soon
ScrutinizationUpdated Soon
Scholarship committee meetingUpdated Soon

Benefits Of IIT Bombay Scholarship 2024

 The benefits of this scholarship are given below:-

  • Financial Assistance: One of the main benefits of the IIT Bombay Scholarship is the financial assistance it provides to students who may not be able to afford the cost of education at the institute.
  • Recognition: Being awarded a scholarship from IIT Bombay is a prestigious recognition of your academic achievements and potential.
  • Opportunity for Research: Many scholarships at IIT Bombay come with the opportunity to participate in research projects, giving students valuable hands-on experience.
  • Networking Opportunities: Scholarship recipients often have access to exclusive networking events and connections with industry professionals.
  • Enhanced Resume: Having an IIT Bombay Scholarship on your resume can make you stand out to potential employers and graduate programs.
  • Personal Growth: Scholarships often come with mentorship opportunities that can help students grow personally and academically.
  • Reduced Student Loan Debt: By receiving a scholarship, students may be able to reduce the amount of student loan debt they accumulate during their studies.
  • Access to Resources: Scholarship recipients may have access to additional resources such as study materials, workshops, and academic support services.
  • Boosted Self-Confidence: The recognition of receiving a scholarship can boost students’ self-confidence and motivation to excel academically.
  • Community Involvement: Many scholarships require recipients to participate in community service activities, fostering a sense of social responsibility.

Features Of IIT Bombay Scholarship 2024

 The features of this scholarship are given below:-

  • Merit-Based: Most scholarships at IIT Bombay are awarded based on academic merit and/or financial need.
  • Varied Selection Criteria: There are a variety of scholarships available at IIT Bombay, each with its own set of eligibility criteria.
  • Application Process: The application process for scholarships at IIT Bombay typically involves submitting academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.
  • Renewable: Some scholarships at IIT Bombay are renewable for multiple years, as long as the recipient maintains a certain GPA.
  • Diversity: IIT Bombay offers scholarships to students from diverse backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity.
  • Industry Partnerships: Some scholarships are sponsored by industry partners, leading to potential internship and job opportunities.
  • Research Opportunities: Scholarship recipients may have the chance to work on cutting-edge research projects with renowned faculty members.
  • Internship Support: Some scholarships provide additional support for students seeking internships during their studies.
  • Professional Development: Scholarships often include opportunities for professional development, such as workshops and seminars.
  • Feedback and Evaluation: Recipients of scholarships at IIT Bombay may receive feedback and evaluation to help them improve their academic performance.

Eligibility Criteria For IIT Bombay Scholarship

 The applicant must follow the given eligibility criteria to apply under this scholarship:-

  • For new admission of BTech, dual degree,  and for B.des their UCEED rank will be the criterion.
  • Students should be good in academics.
  • The annual income of the student family will not be more than 5 lakhs per annum.

Important Documents

 Some of the important documents required for the scholarship are given below:-

  • Aadhar card
  •  Pan card
  •  Class 10th 12th mark sheet
  •  Passport size photograph
  •  Fee receipt
  •  Income certificate
  •  Caste certificate
  •  Birth certificate

Process To Apply Online Under IIT Bombay Scholarship

This scholarship is just newly launched for this reason not much information has been given about it on social networks. If any information will come about it, we will tell you about the IIT Bombay Scholarship. We will update you through our article. You can visit the Official Website of the scholarship.

Process To Apply Online Under IIT Bombay Scholarship

Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding IIT Bombay Scholarship, then you can contact on the below-given details:-

IIT Bombay Scholarship: Top 10 FAQs

  • How do I apply for an IIT Bombay Scholarship? To apply for a scholarship at IIT Bombay, you will need to visit the institute’s official website and follow the instructions for scholarship applications.
  • What types of scholarships are available at IIT Bombay? IIT Bombay offers a wide range of scholarships, including merit-based, need-based, and special category scholarships.
  • What is the eligibility criteria for an IIT Bombay Scholarship? The eligibility criteria for each scholarship vary, but typically include academic achievement, financial need, and other specific requirements.
  • When is the deadline to apply for an IIT Bombay Scholarship? The deadline to apply for scholarships at IIT Bombay varies depending on the scholarship, so be sure to check the specific deadlines for each scholarship you are interested in.
  • Can international students apply for scholarships at IIT Bombay? Yes, international students are eligible to apply for scholarships at IIT Bombay, but they may have additional requirements to meet.
  • Are scholarships at IIT Bombay renewable? Some scholarships at IIT Bombay are renewable for multiple years, while others may be one-time awards.
  • What is the selection process for IIT Bombay Scholarships? The selection process for scholarships at IIT Bombay typically involves a review of academic records, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.
  • Can I apply for multiple scholarships at IIT Bombay? Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships at IIT Bombay, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship.
  • What are the benefits of receiving an IIT Bombay Scholarship? The benefits of receiving an IIT Bombay Scholarship include financial assistance, networking opportunities, and access to resources for personal and academic growth.
  • How will receiving an IIT Bombay Scholarship impact my academic and professional career? Receiving a scholarship from IIT Bombay can have a positive impact on your academic and professional career by providing recognition, financial support, and opportunities for research and networking.

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