Asha Jyoti Scholarship 2024: Apply Online, Eligibility,Amount & All Details

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Asha Jyoti Scholarship is launched by the NSHM Knowledge Campus. This scholarship is for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. This scholarship will be provided only after looking at the financial condition of the student’s family and last year’s academic performance. Through this scholarship students of primitive families can carry forward their studies without any worry. 

In this article, we will tell you each and every important piece of information about the Asha Jyoti Scholarship such as purpose, objective, highlights, timeline, eligibility criteria, important documents and many more. Apart from this, we will tell you the procedure of this scholarship.

Asha Jyoti Scholarship 2024

NSHM Knowledge Campus launched the Asha Jyoti Scholarship. This scholarship is launched for those who wish to study and have a dream to achieve a good carrier for their future. In this scholarship students who are undergraduates and postgraduates will get superiority to secure their future. Within this scholarship, an amount will be provided to pursue higher education.

There are great numbers of students, who are doing very well in their academics and want to achieve a quality education. But due to low wages or the income of families, students have to give up their studies. That’s why dropout rates are increasing rapidly. The Asha Jyoti scholarship will help students to continue their studies and the literacy rate will also increase. 

Asha Jyoti Scholarship: Apply Online, Eligibility, Amount & All Details

Highlights of Asha Jyoti Scholarship 2024

The highlights of this scholarship are given below: –

Name of the scholarship Asha Jyoti Scholarship
Launched byNSHM Knowledge Campus
ObjectiveTo provide financial assistance
BenefitStudents can pursue their studies
Applicable toCitizens of India
Scholarship offered to UG and PG students
Form of BenefitScholarship Amount
Mode of applicationOnline
Contact no.6292145277
Official WebsiteWill be updated soon

Objectives Of Asha Jyoti Scholarship 2024

The objective of the Asha Jyoti Scholarship is to allow Undergraduate and Postgraduate students to pursue their further studies. This scholarship will provide financial assistance to students, who have a weaker family background. In this scholarship, students will be selected based on merit and past academic performance.

One more objective of the Asha Jyoti Scholarship is to encourage students who are good at academics and want to be something in their lives. Now They can make their dream true through scholarships. The scholarship will be given based on merit and previous academic performance to undergraduate and postgraduate students. To get a scholarship students must get a 7 CGPA or above the minimum of 75% attendance in every semester.

Asha Jyoti Scholarship:- Beneficiary Category

The Asha Jyoti Scholarship is a prestigious program aimed at providing financial assistance to deserving students. It is open to students from various beneficiary categories, including:-

  • Students belonging to economically weaker sections
  • Students with disabilities
  • Students from rural areas
  • Students from marginalized communities

By offering scholarships to students from these beneficiary categories, Asha Jyoti aims to promote inclusive education and empower deserving individuals.

Application Enrollment and Last Dates

The application process for the Asha Jyoti Scholarship usually begins in the month of [Month] and the last date for enrollment is [Date]. Interested students can apply online through the official website of Asha Jyoti Scholarship.

Selection Procedure

The selection of candidates for the Asha Jyoti Scholarship is based on a thorough evaluation process. The selection committee takes into consideration various factors, including academic performance, financial need, and the applicant’s personal statement. Shortlisted candidates may be called for an interview or further documentation verification before the final selection is made.

Implementation Procedure

Once the selection process is complete, the implementation of the Asha Jyoti Scholarship begins. The selected students are notified through email or other official communication channels. They are required to complete certain formalities, such as submitting necessary documents and fulfilling any additional requirements specified by the scholarship committee. Upon successful completion of these formalities, the scholarship amount is disbursed to the students directly or through their respective educational institutions.

Supervision Body

The Asha Jyoti Scholarship program is supervised by a dedicated team of professionals who ensure its smooth functioning. The supervision body consists of experts from various fields, including education, finance, and social welfare. Their role is to oversee the entire scholarship program, monitor its implementation, and address any queries or concerns raised by the beneficiaries.

Key Guidelines

Here are some key guidelines to keep in mind while applying for the Asha Jyoti Scholarship:-

  • Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria specified by the scholarship program.
  • Submit all the required documents accurately and within the given timeframe.
  • Provide genuine and complete information in your application form.
  • Write a compelling personal statement highlighting your achievements, aspirations, and financial need.
  • Keep track of important dates and deadlines related to the scholarship application process.
  • Seek guidance from your school or college authorities, if needed, while filling out the application form.
  • Prepare for any interviews or document verification processes that may be part of the selection procedure.
  • Read and understand the terms and conditions of the scholarship program before accepting the award.
  • Maintain regular communication with the scholarship committee for any updates or clarifications.
  • Express gratitude and acknowledge the support received through the Asha Jyoti Scholarship.

Important Instructions

Here are some important instructions to follow during the Asha Jyoti Scholarship application process:-

  • Read the instructions carefully before filling out the application form.
  • Double-check all the information provided in the application for accuracy.
  • Keep a copy of the submitted application form and supporting documents for future reference.
  • Do not submit multiple applications for the same scholarship.
  • Do not provide false or misleading information in the application.
  • Ensure that the email address and contact details provided are correct and active.
  • Do not share your login credentials or personal information with anyone.
  • Do not engage in any form of malpractice or unethical behavior during the scholarship process.
  • Follow the specified format and guidelines while writing the personal statement.
  • Stay updated with any notifications or announcements from the scholarship committee.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your chances of securing the Asha Jyoti Scholarship:-

  • Start the application process early to avoid any last-minute rush.
  • Highlight your unique qualities, achievements, and aspirations in the personal statement.
  • Provide supporting documents that showcase your academic and extracurricular accomplishments.
  • Seek guidance from teachers, mentors, or professionals while preparing your application.
  • Proofread your application and personal statement for any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Prepare for interviews or document verification processes by practicing common interview questions.
  • Stay motivated and focused throughout the application process.
  • Apply for other scholarships and financial aid programs to increase your chances of receiving support.
  • Stay updated with the latest scholarship-related news and announcements.
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities.

General Points to Remember

Here are some general points to remember while applying for the Asha Jyoti Scholarship:-

  • Read and understand the eligibility criteria before applying.
  • Submit all the required documents in the specified format.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the application form.
  • Keep track of important dates and deadlines.
  • Stay positive and confident throughout the application process.
  • Reach out to the scholarship committee for any clarifications or assistance.
  • Make the most of the opportunity and utilize the scholarship funds wisely.
  • Express gratitude towards the Asha Jyoti Scholarship program for their support.
  • Share your success story and inspire others to apply for similar scholarships.
  • Consider giving back to the community in the future by supporting educational initiatives.

Document Verification and Approval

Once the application process is complete, the scholarship committee verifies the submitted documents to ensure their authenticity. This process may involve cross-checking the details provided with relevant authorities or institutions. After successful document verification, the scholarship committee reviews the applications and selects the deserving candidates for the scholarship. The final approval is granted based on the committee’s evaluation and adherence to the scholarship guidelines.

Renewal of Scholarship

For existing scholarship recipients, the Asha Jyoti Scholarship offers the opportunity to renew their scholarship for subsequent years of study. The renewal process usually requires the students to maintain a certain level of academic performance and fulfill any additional requirements specified by the scholarship committee.

Procedure Of Selection

Asha Jyoti scholarship is giving a golden opportunity to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. But there are some conditions to taking this scholarship Because students will be selected based on eligible criteria. To get this scholarship the students must have a GPA of above 7 and at least 75% attendance every semester. If you are eligible then you can apply under this scholarship. 

Merit-Based Scholarship

Asha Jyoti Scholarship is launched by NSHM Knowledge Campus for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This scholarship aims to provide funds to the students for pursuing their education. This scholarship will be given based on merit. Students must belong to the backward family and on the basis of their last year’s performance. The CGPA of the student must be above 7 and attendance minimum of 75% every semester.

Benefits of Asha Jyoti Scholarship 2024

The benefits of this scholarship are given below: –

  • Asha Jyoti Scholarship is launched by NSHM Knowledge Campus.
  • This scholarship is launched for UG and PG Students.
  • From this Scholarship, the student can pursue their higher education.
  • This scholarship will provide funds for fulfilling the basic needs related to studies.
  • The benefit of this scholarship will be given based on the family’s financial condition.
  • Students’ Academic performance of last year will also be seen.
  • Now those students who are unable to carry forward their studies can take advantage of this scholarship.
  • Asha Jyoti Scholarship will give a 25% fee to a 100% fee within the scholarship.

Features of Asha Jyoti Scholarship 2024

The features of this scholarship are given below: –

  • NSHM Knowledge Campus has launched Asha Jyoti Scholarship.
  • The scholarship will be given to underprivileged families students.
  • Students who are undergraduate and postgraduate can avail this scholarship.
  • A scholarship will be provided based on Last year’s academic performance.
  • You must have proper documents to avail of the scholarship.
  • Students must have a CGPA of above 7.
  •  Under the Asha Jyoti Scholarship, the minimum attendance of students must be 75% for this scholarship.
  • The annual income of the family must be less than 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants will need to possess the following mentioned eligibility criteria for getting online registration under this scholarship: –

  • The candidate must be an undergraduate or postgraduate.
  • The annual income of the family must be less than 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh.
  • CGPA should be above 7.
  • Minimum attendance should be 75% every semester.

Important Documents

Some of the important documents required under this scholarship are as follows: –

For UG Applicants

  • Original certificate of class 12th and 10th.
  • For Diploma programs only class 10th certificate.

For PG Applicants

  • Original certificate from Undergraduate program

For lateral entry

  • Original certificate from Diploma Program.

For Applicants with a family income of 2.5 lac per year

  • Income Certificate.
  • Original 10th and 12th mark sheet.
  • Salary statements for the last three months.
  • Bank account statement.

Process to Apply Online Under Asha Jyoti Scholarship 

The information related to the application procedure to apply for Asha Jyoti Scholarship is not yet available for students. You have to fill in all the information carefully. Upload the required documents to apply for this scholarship.

Contact Details

If you have any queries related to Asha Jyoti Scholarship, then you can contact to the details given below: –

  • Office Address:- 
  • NSHM Knowledge Campus
    • 124,60, Basanta Lal Saha Rd
    • Tara Park,
    • Behala
    • Kolkata
    • West Bengal -700053
  • Contact no.

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