Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship 2024: Amount & Eligibility

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The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship, initiated by the Indian government, supports research and innovation by offering opportunities for talented individuals in postgraduate and doctoral programs. It enables students to pursue their academic goals without financial barriers, fostering educational empowerment. The last date to apply online will be updated here you will need to be informed to the students.

This article will provide all types of information about the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship 2024 like purpose, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Features, important documents, etc. Apart from this, we will share the process to apply online for this fellowship. To get complete information about this fellowship, read this article till the end.

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship        

The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship is a government initiative aimed at supporting research and innovation among postgraduate and doctoral students in India. It offers financial assistance for pursuing higher education without constraints. The fellowship amount and last date for application vary and interested candidates can apply online. Visit the official website to learn more information.

The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship targets top performers of CSIR, and UGC JRF (NET) awardees, aiming to cultivate scientific talent and promote scientific research. It supports Ph.D. candidates with special fellowships at CSIR labs, specialized R&D institutions, or universities. For further information on the Shyama Prasad Fellowship, feel free to inquire. Apply online before the last date.

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship: Amount & Eligibility

Highlights of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship 2024

The highlights of this fellowship are as follows:- 

Name Of FellowshipShyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship
Delegated MinistryMinistry of Electronics & Information Technology 
ObjectiveTo recognize and support students with exceptional academic potential
Benefit This will promote research and innovation in diverse fields of study
Applicable To Citizens of India
Beneficiaries Students
Beneficiary CategoriesSC, ST, OBC and EWS
Mode Of TransferDBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
Payment Mechanisme-payment mechanism or PFMS
Form of BenefitScholarship Amounts
Amount of benefitVariable Assistance
Hosting SiteNational Information Center (NIC)
Last Date To Apply OnlineWill be updated soon
Mode Of ApplicationOnline 
Official WebsiteClick Here

Objectives of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship 2024

The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship has several key objectives:-

  • Recognize and support students with exceptional academic potential.
  • Promote research and innovation in diverse fields of study.
  • Encourage students to pursue higher education and contribute to the development of the nation.
  • Provide financial assistance to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

By fulfilling these objectives, the fellowship aims to create a conducive environment for intellectual growth, knowledge creation, and societal development.

Beneficiary Category 

The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship is available to students from various beneficiary categories, including:-

  • Scheduled Castes (SC)
  • Scheduled Tribes (ST)
  • Other Backward Classes (OBC)
  • Economically Weaker Sections (EWS)

Students belonging to these categories can avail themselves of the fellowship to pursue their higher education and research endeavors.

Application Enrollment Last Dates

The application process for the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship typically opens in the month of June or July. Interested students can visit the official website of the fellowship or the designated portal to access the application form. The last date for submitting the application is usually in August or September, although these dates may vary from year to year. It is important for students to check the official notification for the current year’s application deadlines.

Selection Procedure 

The selection of candidates for the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship is based on a rigorous evaluation process. The selection committee considers various factors, including academic merit, research proposal, and the overall potential of the applicant. Shortlisted candidates may be required to appear for an interview or present their research proposal to a panel of experts. The final selection is made based on the candidate’s performance in these assessments.

Implementation Procedure 

Once selected, the implementation of the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship involves the disbursement of financial assistance to the awardees. The fellowship provides a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, as well as a contingency grant for research-related activities. The duration of the fellowship is typically for the duration of the postgraduate or doctoral program, subject to satisfactory academic progress and compliance with the fellowship guidelines.

Supervision Body 

The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship is administered and supervised by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. The ministry ensures the smooth functioning of the fellowship program and oversees the selection and disbursement processes.

Key Guidelines 

The key guidelines are as follows:- 

  • Maintain regular attendance and academic progress.
  • Submit periodic progress reports and research updates.
  • Utilize the fellowship funds for the intended purpose.
  • Conduct research in line with ethical guidelines and academic integrity.
  • Participate in seminars, conferences, and workshops to enhance knowledge and skills.
  • Provide necessary documentation for verification and approval.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the educational institution.
  • Inform the authorities about any changes in personal or academic circumstances.
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect intellectual property rights.
  • Follow any additional guidelines specified by the Ministry of Education.

Important Instructions 

Some important instructions issued for applicants are as follows:- 

  • Read the official notification and guidelines carefully before applying.
  • Ensure eligibility criteria are met before submitting the application.
  • Provide accurate and complete information in the application form.
  • Keep all necessary documents ready for verification.
  • Submit the application within the specified deadline.
  • Prepare for any interviews or presentations that may be part of the selection process.
  • Keep track of updates and notifications regarding the fellowship.
  • Contact the designated authorities for any queries or clarifications.
  • Make effective use of the fellowship funds for academic and research purposes.
  • Comply with any renewal procedures for continued financial support.

Document Verification & Approval

After the submission of the application, the concerned authorities conduct a thorough verification process to ensure the authenticity of the information provided. This may include document verification and cross-checking of academic records. Once the verification process is complete, the selected candidates are notified and their fellowship is approved, subject to compliance with the guidelines and regulations.

Renewal of Scholarship

The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship may be renewed for subsequent years of study, subject to satisfactory academic performance and compliance with the renewal procedures. Awardees are required to submit progress reports and fulfill any additional requirements specified by the Ministry of Education. Renewal of the scholarship ensures continued financial support for the duration of the postgraduate or doctoral program.

Online Application

One of the key features of the Fellowship is its online application system. This allows students to conveniently apply for the scholarship from the comfort of their homes. The online platform streamlines the application process, making it easier and more accessible for students from all corners of the country.

Multiple Scholarship Schemes

The fellowship program offers multiple scholarship schemes, catering to the diverse needs and aspirations of students. These schemes cover a wide range of disciplines, including science, social sciences, humanities, engineering, and medicine. By providing scholarships in various fields, the program ensures that students from different backgrounds have equal opportunities to pursue their education.

Transparent Selection Process

The Fellowship follows a transparent selection process to ensure fairness and impartiality. The selection committee evaluates applications based on merit, considering factors such as academic performance, financial need, and extracurricular achievements. This transparent process ensures that deserving students are selected for the fellowship, promoting equal access to educational opportunities.

Renewable Scholarship

One of the unique aspects of the fellowship program is its renewable scholarship. Selected students receive financial support for the entire duration of their course, subject to their continued academic performance. This renewable scholarship provides students with the assurance that their financial needs will be met throughout their educational journey, enabling them to focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints.

Wide Coverage

The Fellowship aims to reach students from all corners of the country. It covers a wide range of educational institutions, including universities, colleges, and research institutions. This wide coverage ensures that students from both urban and rural areas have access to the fellowship program, empowering them to pursue their educational goals.

Collaboration with Institutions

To further enhance the impact of the fellowship program, the government collaborates with educational institutions across the country. This collaboration ensures that students receive the necessary support and guidance throughout their academic journey. It also facilitates the exchange of knowledge and resources between the government and educational institutions, fostering a conducive learning environment for students.

Student Support

The Fellowship not only provides financial support but also offers various forms of assistance to students. This includes mentorship programs, career guidance, and access to additional learning resources. By providing comprehensive support, the fellowship program aims to empower students and help them succeed in their chosen fields.

Easy Access to Information

To ensure transparency and easy access to information, the Fellowship maintains a dedicated website. The website contains detailed information about the fellowship program, including eligibility criteria, application guidelines, and contact details. Students can easily access this information and stay updated on the latest developments and announcements related to the fellowship.

Benefits of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship 2024

The benefits of this fellowship are as follows:-

  • Financial Support: The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship provides financial assistance to deserving students pursuing higher education. This fellowship covers the cost of tuition fees, accommodation, and other related expenses, relieving the financial burden on students.
  • Merit-Based Selection: The fellowship is awarded based on merit, ensuring that only the most deserving candidates receive the opportunity. This encourages healthy competition among students and promotes academic excellence.
  • Recognition and Prestige: Being a recipient of the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship brings recognition and prestige to the student. It signifies their exceptional academic achievements and sets them apart from their peers.
  • Research Opportunities: The fellowship provides students with the opportunity to engage in research work under the guidance of experienced mentors. This exposure to research enhances their knowledge, skills, and prepares them for future endeavors.
  • Networking: Fellows get the chance to interact with fellow students, scholars, and experts in their field of study. This networking opportunity can open doors to collaborations, internships, and career opportunities.
  • Leadership Development: The fellowship program focuses on holistic development, including leadership skills. Fellows are encouraged to take on leadership roles, participate in workshops, and develop their overall personality.
  • Global Exposure: Some fellowship programs offer opportunities for international collaborations, exchange programs, or internships. This exposure to different cultures and academic environments broadens the fellow’s horizons and enhances their global perspective.
  • Career Advancement: The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship boosts the career prospects of the recipients. Employers value the skills, knowledge, and dedication demonstrated by fellowship recipients, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Community Engagement: Fellows are encouraged to give back to society by engaging in community service activities. This fosters a sense of social responsibility and helps fellows develop empathy and compassion.
  • Lifelong Learning: The fellowship program promotes a love for learning and encourages fellows to continue their pursuit of knowledge even after completing their studies. This instills a lifelong learning mindset and a thirst for intellectual growth.

Features Of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship 2024

The features of this fellowship are as follows:-

  • Financial Support: The fellowship provides financial assistance to selected candidates, covering their tuition fees, accommodation, and other related expenses.
  • Merit-Based: The selection process is strictly based on merit, ensuring that only the most deserving candidates are awarded the fellowship.
  • Research Opportunities: Fellows are given the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research projects under the guidance of renowned scholars and experts.
  • Mentorship: Each fellow is assigned a mentor who provides guidance and support throughout their academic journey.
  • Networking: The fellowship program facilitates networking opportunities with fellow scholars, alumni, and professionals in the field, fostering a strong community.
  • Global Exposure: Fellows may have the opportunity to participate in international conferences, workshops, and exchange programs, broadening their horizons.
  • Skill Development: The program focuses on enhancing the overall skill set of fellows, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.
  • Community Engagement: Fellows are encouraged to actively contribute to their communities through various social initiatives and projects.
  • Career Support: The fellowship offers career counseling, job placement assistance, and access to a wide network of industry professionals.
  • Recognition: Being a recipient of the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship adds prestige to one’s academic and professional profile.

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship Eligibility Criteria 

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to apply online for this fellowship:-

  • Nationality: Applicants must be Indian citizens.
  • Age Limit: The fellowship is open to individuals up to the age of 30 years as of the application deadline.
  • Educational Qualifications: Candidates must have completed a Master’s degree or equivalent in the relevant field with a minimum of 55% marks (50% for SC/ST/OBC/PWD candidates).
  • Field of Study: The fellowship is available for research in the fields of social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.
  • Research Proposal: Applicants must submit a detailed research proposal outlining the objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes of their proposed research.
  • Admission to Recognized Institutions: Candidates must have secured admission to a recognized Indian university or institution for the Ph.D. program in the relevant field.
  • Fellowship Duration: The fellowship is awarded for a maximum period of 5 years, subject to satisfactory progress.
  • Other Requirements: Applicants must not be availing any other fellowship or financial assistance from any other sources during the tenure of the fellowship.

Important Documents 

Some of the important documents required to apply online for this fellowship are as follows:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residence Certificate
  • Income Certificate 
  • Educational Certificates 
  • Bank Account Details 
  • Latest Passport Size Photos 
  • Mobile No
  • Email ID 

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship Apply Online 2024

The applicants will need to follow the below-mentioned points to apply online:- 

Step 1: Registration

Visit the official website of the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship and navigate to the application portal. Click on the “Register” button and provide the required details, including your name, email address, contact number, and academic qualifications. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your login credentials.

Step 2: Login and Application Form

Using the login credentials received during registration, log in to the application portal. Fill in the application form with accurate and up-to-date information. Make sure to provide details regarding your educational qualifications, research area, proposed research topic, and any prior research experience. Upload the necessary supporting documents, such as academic transcripts, research proposal, and identity proof.

Step 3: Review and Submission

Carefully review all the information provided in the application form to ensure accuracy and completeness. Make any necessary edits or additions before finalizing the submission. Once you are satisfied with the details, click on the “Submit” button to complete the application process.

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship: Top 10 FAQs

1. What is the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship?

The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship is a prestigious scholarship program offered by the Government of India. It is named after Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, a prominent leader and educationist, to honor his contributions to the nation.

2. Who is eligible for the fellowship?

The fellowship is open to Indian citizens who have completed their postgraduate studies in any discipline. Applicants must have a consistent academic record and show a strong commitment to research and innovation. The fellowship is available for both early-career researchers and established scholars.

3. What are the benefits of the fellowship?

Selected fellows receive financial support for their research work. The fellowship provides a monthly stipend, research grant, and contingency grant to cover expenses related to the research project. Fellows also have access to various resources, such as libraries and laboratories, to facilitate their research.

4. How long does the fellowship last?

The duration of the fellowship varies depending on the research project. It can range from one year to three years. The fellowship is typically awarded for a fixed period, and fellows are expected to complete their research within this timeframe.

5. How are the fellows selected?

The selection process for the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship is highly competitive. Applications are evaluated based on the applicant’s academic achievements, research proposal, and potential for making a significant contribution to their field of study. Shortlisted candidates may be called for an interview before the final selection is made.

6. Can I apply for the fellowship if I am already employed?

Yes, individuals who are currently employed can apply for the fellowship. However, they must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employer, stating that they will be granted leave to pursue the research project if selected for the fellowship.

7. Is there any age limit for applying?

No, there is no specific age limit for applying to the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship. The fellowship is open to all eligible candidates, regardless of their age.

8. Can I apply for the fellowship if I am studying abroad?

Yes, candidates who are studying abroad can apply for the fellowship. However, they must provide the necessary documents to prove their Indian citizenship and meet all other eligibility criteria.

9. Are there any post-fellowship obligations?

Yes, after completing the fellowship, fellows are required to submit a report on their research findings. They may also be expected to present their work at conferences or seminars. Additionally, fellows are encouraged to contribute to the academic community by publishing their research in reputed journals or books.

10. How can I apply for the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship?

To apply for the fellowship, candidates need to visit the official website of the funding agency and fill out the application form. They must provide all the necessary documents, including their research proposal, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation. It is essential to carefully review the guidelines and deadlines before submitting the application.

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