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Google Incorporation has come up with a new Scholarship scheme for the students of India which is known as Google Scholarship. This scholarship will provide career opportunities to students who want to pursue technology as a career education. The students will also get Financial Assistance under this scholarship. Today in this article we will describe everything about the Google Scholarship 2024 including objective eligibility criteria and important documents. If you want to know everything about this scholarship you have to read our article from the top to the end. We will also share with you all the relevant application procedures under this scholarship.

About Google Scholarship 

This scholarship is especially for the students who are pursuing their education in the field of engineering and science technology. Google Scholarship has been launched by Google Incorporation. The scholarship will provide vast career opportunities for the students who are pursuing their education in technology and want to build a career in technology. The applicant will also get Financial Assistance under this scholarship so that they can easily complete their education with the help of this financial assistance. The Interested applicant must visit the Official Website and can easily apply online under this scholarship.

Google Scholarship

Details About Google Scholarship

The details about this scholarship are as follows:-

Name of the scholarshipGoogle Scholarship
Launched byGoogle Incorporation
Launched inIndia
BenefitsThe beneficiaries will get workshop training
ObjectivesTo provide career opportunities
BeneficiariesStudents of India
Types of scholarshipVariable
Application modeOnline
Official Websitebuildyourfuture.withgoogle.com

Objectives Of Google Scholarship

The main objective of launching this scholarship is to provide financial services to students who are not able to pay the higher fees of their schools and colleges. Google Scholarship is especially for those students who do not have enough funds to continue their education. It will help the students of the country to make the future better for tomorrow. If you are financially weak and searching for the opportunity to continue your higher education then this is the best option for you. Through this scholarship, the dropout rate in our country will decrease. The literacy ratio in our country will also increase with the help of this scholarship. Students who are living in India can take advantage of this scholarship.

List Of Scholarships

The list of scholarships under this scheme is as follows:-

Generation Google Scholarship

This scholarship has been launched in order to help aspiring students pursuing computer science or gaming and degrees in Excel Technology. It will make the students Leaders in the field. This scholarship has been launched specially for women.

Udacity- Google Developer Scholarship

Udacity and Google are committed to providing meaningful opportunities to help people master the most important skills they need to be successful in the modern economy. This scholarship program will provide world-class learning opportunities to 50,000 people across the United States. Africa and India.

Women Techmaker Scholars Program (Formerly Known As Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Program)

Google’s Women Techmakers (WTM) program aims to create gender equality in the tech industry by encouraging women to excel and take leadership roles in this field. The aim of this scholarship is to build a world where women can carve a niche in tech. Google proudly honors Anita’s memory and supports women in technology

Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship

The Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship is a one-time scholarship. While past applicants are encouraged to reapply, unfortunately, past recipients of any Google scholarship, including the Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship, are not eligible to apply.

Google Conference And Travel Scholarships

Google Travel and Conference Grants are especially for selected conferences in Computer Science and related fields. Grants are available in North America for all traditionally underrepresented groups in technology (including, but not limited to, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, persons with disabilities, women, and veterans), in Europe for women in technology, in India, and in Africa for students who have their research papers accepted at top-tier conferences in Computer Science and related areas.

Doodle 4 Google India Contest

Google has a scholarship funnel inform of Doodle 4 Google contest, which has existed some years now. A doodle is a drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be composed of random and abstract lines without ever lifting the drawing device from the paper, in which case it is usually called a “scribble”.

Google India Code To Learn Contest

The primary objective of the code to learn contest is to build a stronger foundation for Computer Science in India. Teachers, parents, or guardians of the candidate can register and submit their project by visiting the official website.

Important Points Under Google Scholarship

Some important points under this scholarship are as follows:-

  • The applicant must have a valid and active mobile number and email ID.
  • Prefer using a laptop or a desktop for Online submission of a scholarship program.
  • Check the details carefully before final submission of the form.
  • The applicant Do not wait for the last date to apply for the scholarship program to avoid rush.
  • An applicant must Check eligibility for applying for the scholarship.
  • The applicant must Keep all the documents ready before applying for the scholarship.

Rewards Details Under Google Scholarship

The reward details under this scholarship is as follows:-

Scholarship NameRewards Details
Udacity- Google Developer ScholarshipThis scholarship will be provided in two phases such as Rs. 1000 in phase 1 to the student for 3 months course of Rs. 1000 in phase 2 as a full nano degree scholarship to the students for the 6-month course
Women Techmaker Scholars Program (formerly known as Google Anita borg memorial scholarship program)The academic scholarship will be provided to the student An opportunity to attend the annual women tech makers scholar retreat will be provided to the girl students Can also participate in various training and workshop that is conducted by Google mentors and fellow scholars
Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial ScholarshipThis scholarship will provide 750 USD. The opportunity to visit the headquarters of YouTube in California will be given to the students.
Google Conference and Travel ScholarshipsUSD 1,000 and USD 3,000 will be provided to the student which covers the cost of conference registration, accommodation, travel, and other related expenses
Doodle 4 Google India ContestRs. 5 lakh will be provided to the national winner along with Rs. 2 lakh Technology package and certificate of achievement The group of winners will get a medal of recognition certificate of achievement and more The national finals will also receive the certificate of achievement
Google India Code To Learn ContestAchievement certificate will be provided to the student Chromebook laptop or equivalent gift

Application Period Under Google Scholarship

The application period under this scholarship is as follows:-

Scholarship NameApplication Period
Generation Google ScholarshipWill be updated soon
Udacity- Google Developer ScholarshipWill be updated soon
Women Techmaker Scholars Program (formerly known as Google Anita borg memorial scholarship program)Will be updated soon
Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial ScholarshipWill be updated soon
Google Conference and Travel ScholarshipsWill be updated soon
Doodle 4 Google India ContestWill be updated soon
Google India Code To Learn ContestWill be updated soon

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for the Google Scholarship is a rigorous and competitive process. It involves multiple stages, including an online application, assessment of academic achievements, evaluation of leadership qualities, and interviews. The selection committee carefully reviews each application to identify candidates who demonstrate exceptional academic performance, leadership potential, and a passion for technology.

Implementation Procedure

Once selected, the implementation procedure of the Google Scholarship involves various steps. The scholarship recipients are required to provide necessary documentation, such as proof of enrollment in an accredited institution and academic transcripts. They also need to complete any additional requirements specified by the scholarship program, such as participating in community service projects or attending networking events.

Supervision Body

The Google Scholarship program is supervised by a dedicated team of professionals who ensure the smooth functioning of the program. This team consists of experts from various fields, including education, technology, and human resources. Their role is to oversee the selection process, provide guidance to the scholarship recipients, and monitor the overall impact of the program.

Key Guidelines

  • Eligibility Criteria Applicants must meet the specified eligibility criteria, which may include factors such as academic performance, financial need, and underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Application Deadline It is crucial to submit the application before the stated deadline to be considered for the scholarship.
  • Complete Application Ensure that all required fields and documents are properly filled out and submitted.
  • Personal Statement Craft a compelling personal statement that highlights your achievements, goals, and passion for technology.
  • Letters of Recommendation Request letters of recommendation from teachers, mentors, or professionals who can attest to your abilities and potential.
  • Academic Transcripts Provide accurate and up-to-date academic transcripts that showcase your academic performance.
  • Leadership Experience Highlight your leadership experience and involvement in extracurricular activities that demonstrate your ability to make a positive impact.
  • Passion for Technology Showcase your passion for technology and how it aligns with the goals of the scholarship program.
  • Proofread and Edit Carefully review your application for any errors or typos before submitting.
  • Follow Instructions Adhere to all instructions provided by the scholarship program, including any additional requirements or essays.

Important Instructions

  • Be Authentic Present your true self in your application and avoid exaggerations or false information.
  • Stay Organized Keep track of deadlines, required documents, and any additional tasks related to the scholarship application.
  • Seek Guidance Reach out to mentors, teachers, or professionals for guidance and feedback on your application.
  • Highlight Achievements Emphasize your academic achievements, awards, and recognition to showcase your potential.
  • Address Challenges If you have faced any challenges or obstacles, discuss how you overcame them and grew from the experience.
  • Proofread Thoroughly Ensure that your application is free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and formatting issues.
  • Be Concise Write clear and concise responses that effectively convey your thoughts and ideas.
  • Follow Formatting Guidelines Adhere to the specified formatting guidelines for documents, essays, and personal statements.
  • Prepare for Interviews If selected for an interview, research common interview questions and practice your responses.
  • Stay Positive Stay positive throughout the application process and believe in your abilities.

Tips and Tricks

  • Start Early Begin the application process well in advance to ensure ample time for preparation and submission.
  • Research the Program Familiarize yourself with the goals, values, and initiatives of the Google Scholarship program.
  • Showcase Impact Highlight how the scholarship will positively impact your educational journey and future career aspirations.
  • Connect with Alumni Reach out to previous scholarship recipients or program alumni to gain insights and advice.
  • Customize Your Application Tailor your application to align with the specific goals and requirements of the scholarship program.
  • Emphasize Diversity If applicable, emphasize how your unique background and experiences contribute to diversity and inclusion.
  • Practice Time Management Allocate dedicated time for each section of the application to ensure thorough completion.
  • Seek Feedback Ask trusted individuals to review your application and provide constructive feedback.
  • Be Passionate Let your passion for technology shine through your application and demonstrate your commitment to the field.
  • Stay Persistent Even if not selected initially, continue to pursue other scholarship opportunities and never give up on your dreams.

General Points to Remember

  • Read and understand all the instructions provided by the Google Scholarship program before starting the application process.
  • Ensure that all the information provided in the application is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Keep copies of all the documents submitted for future reference.
  • Stay informed about any updates or changes in the scholarship program through official communication channels.
  • Be respectful and professional in all interactions with the scholarship program’s staff and selection committee.
  • Take advantage of resources and support offered by the scholarship program, such as mentoring or networking opportunities.
  • Continue to strive for excellence in your academic pursuits and personal growth, regardless of the scholarship outcome.
  • Remember that the Google Scholarship is highly competitive, and not being selected does not diminish your worth or potential.
  • Stay motivated and pursue other avenues of financial assistance or educational opportunities.
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities, and never stop pursuing your dreams and aspirations.

Benefits & Features Of Google Scholarship

The benefits and features of this scholarship are as follows:-

  • This scholarship has been launched by the Google Incorporation. 
  • With the help of this scholarship, educational opportunities will be provided to the Student Of the state.
  • The students will be able to continue their education without worrying about any financial hurdles.
  • This scholarship will help the student to create their future better for tomorrow.
  • It will help the student to focus on their role as the student will be free from all kinds of financial burdens.
  • With the help of the Google Scholarship the students of the country will be able to stand on their own feet by getting a better future.
  • Interested applicants should visit the official website and can easily apply online. 
  • Many types of scholarships are available under the Google Scholarship
  • This scholarship will help the students of the state to pursue higher education of their choice.
  • The applicant should have completed the given eligibility criteria to apply under this scholarship.
  • If you belong to a weaker section of the society, this scholarship is waiting for you.
  • The applicant can only apply under this scholarship if he or she is living in India.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria under the Google Scholarship is as follows:-

Scholarship NameEligibility Criteria
Udacity- Google Developer ScholarshipThe applicant must be a permanent resident of India. The applicant should be at the age of 18.
Women Techmaker Scholars Program (formerly known as Google Anita borg memorial scholarship program)The applicant must be a permanent resident of India. Only women can apply for this scholarship. The applicant must have completed her graduation. The applicant must be pursuing any type of computer course.
Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial ScholarshipThe applicant must be a permanent resident of India. The applicant must be an undergraduate. The applicant must be pursuing an engineering course.
Google Conference and Travel ScholarshipsThe scholarship is worldwide The applicant can attend a conference in India if they have enrolled themselves in a recognized University They just need a conference table to fund The student must have accepted a top tier conference on computer science The preference will be given to the student whose area is strongly related to Google The applicant must be the primary author of the accepted paper
Doodle 4 Google India ContestThe applicant must be a permanent resident of India. The applicant must need permission to attend the contest.
Google India Code To Learn ContestThe applicant must be a permanent resident of India. The applicant must be studying in classes 5 to 10.

Important Documents

The list of some important documents that are required to apply under Google Scholarship is as follows:-

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Income certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Domicile certificate
  • Bank account details
  • Passport size photograph

Apply Online Under Google Scholarship 2024

The procedure to apply under this scholarship is as follows:-

Through Google’s Official Website

The procedure to apply through Google Website is as follows:-

Apply Online Under Google Scholarship
  • Homepage will appear in front of you.
  • Click on the Scholarship option.
Apply Online Under Scholarship
  • List of scholarships will appear in front of you.
  • Click on the scholarship of your choice to apply for.
  • The application form will appear in front of you.
  • Enter all the required details.
  • Attach all the required documents.
  • Click on the Submit option.

Through National Scholarship Portal

The procedure of applying through the National Scholarship Portal is as follows:-

Apply Online Under Google Scholarship 2024
  • Now you will get land on the homepage.
  • Look under the Applicant Corner.
  • Now click on the New Registration.
Apply Online Under Google Scholarship 2024
  • A new page will be displayed.
  • Read the instructions.
  • Tick the declaration lines.
  • Now click on the Continue Button.
  • After a new page will be displayed.
    • Mobile No. 
    • Get OTP
    • Enter OTP 
    • Enter Captcha Code 
  • Click on the Verify button.
  • The OTP will be verified.
  • Then the application form will be displayed.
  • Fill in the entries or required details.
  • Now click on the Submit button.

Checking Beneficiary List

The students will need to follow the mentioned steps for checking the beneficiary list:-

Checking Beneficiary List
  • A new page will be displayed on your screen where you will need to enter the asked details.
  • Now click on the Submit button.

Getting Contact Details

The following steps will need to be followed by the students to get contact details:-

  • Open and visit the official website.
  • The homepage will be displayed on your screen.
  • On the homepage, look under the Public Corner.
  • Click on the link to Contact Us.
Getting Contact Details
  • The contact details will be displayed on your screen.

Contact Information

If any queries and questions come to your mind regarding the Google Scholarship, then you can contact the mentioned office address and helpline no., email ID: –

  • Office Address:-
    • National Scholarship Division,
    • Ministry of Human Resource Development, 
    • Department of Higher Education,
    • West Block 1, 2nd Floor, 
    • Wing 6, 
    • Room No. 6,
    • R. K. Puram, 
    • Sector 1, 
    • New Delhi 110066
  • Helpline No: –  0120 – 6619540
  • Email ID:- [email protected]

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